Guerilla Marketing Strategies

Large advertising companies have often priced themselves out of the market for new or small businesses. These small companies do not have large enough budgets to afford to spend more than a few dollars per potential customer. Many of them have traditionally relied on word of mouth advertising to gain sales and market share. All of that changed when guerilla marketing came into being. Guerilla marketing is specifically targeted for small businesses to stretch their advertising dollars far and wide.

There are many ways for a small company to use guerilla marketing. One way is to pass out hundreds, even thousands, of discount coupons. These coupons are a way to ensure the public has heard of their business. Even when they are not used, they generate good will for those receiving them. Coupons always have the name and address of the company prominently listed on them. While some are printed through area companies, others are designed and printed on company computers. Printing methods are chosen by the cost as the goal of guerilla marketing is to keep costs as low as possible.

Holding local events is another form of guerilla marketing. A small company may set up a grill near an intersection and offer hot food to those waiting for the light to change. They will hand out business cards or leaflets about their business to anyone who will take them. They often target children with balloons or inexpensive toys. These will have the company's business card attached so the parent can see it at a later time.

Guerilla marketing is a concept that embodies spreading the name of the new or small business with as little money as possible. Many companies have taken this concept to the internet. They sign their company up on as many social media platforms as possible. This is an inexpensive way to stretch their marketing dollars. A company can target people who live locally and ask to friend or follow them. This is less expensive than handing out coupons throughout the same area and takes less time for a skilled internet marketer.